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From the most classic team building with regatta, to the training days and research of a new balance with the support and counseling of a CHO – Chief Happiness Officer – the good fun cooking cups, a new product press introduction, a photo shoot, to the work meeting in an unusual environment. The sea becomes the ideal setting and the boats – sailing or motor ones – the perfect location. Our activities take place in the best Italian and European Navies creating custom-made real moments of fun: locations and plans studied in detail and for every different need.

  Incentive Days

A prize, a gesture of appreciation for those who showed they work with passion and expertise, is often more precious than one can imagine. An incentive day in a sailboat, thoughts-free and with the only aim to be together and having fun, it's a way of showing the most valuable workers, or the customers who choose us, how much their work is appreciated by the Company. The goal of an incentive program is creating a unique and exclusive experience which will stick in mind and will strengthen also the emotional relationship with the company.

  Team Building

We build an environment in which the employers can do activities together to strengthen the team spirit through the so called “experience training”, bringing the company team outside the usual office routine. This way, it is possible to check, practice and improve communication, problem solving and teamwork dynamics. As a matter of fact, outside the office walls, people are more keen to relax and to allow themselves to be involved, so they discover new characteristics and skills in themselves and in their colleagues. The sailboat turns out to be, to this end, a much useful “workshop” in which dynamics and problems typical of the business world can be transposed and it is a great tool to improve knowing among people in an environment outside work.

  Products presentation

The presentation of a new product in a dynamic environment as the sailboat or in a suggestive location facing the sea, creates an informal and exciting environment. The alternation of work and open air activities on the boat sticks in the customer’s or team’s mind who will have to work on the product in a spontaneous and creative way.

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