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We want to offer a taste of happiness: get in touch for any idea you have, so we can evaluate and turn it into reality.

If you are looking for an input, here are some of our proposals:

  Sunset happy hour

You are free to decide how to spend this half-day boat trip, whether sailing in the afternoon or swimming in a charming cove. Either way, you will enjoy our aperitif aboard, cradled by the sea breeze, admiring the sun setting behind the Church of Porto Venere and the sunbeams mirrored on the cliff.
A few hours matching the definition of relax!
We want your holiday to be pleasant and relaxing, so we can arrange the check-in and check-out schedule together.

  Daily trip

Unique and customised solutions.

Our prerogative is your delight. We offer solutions designed for sportspeople as well as calmer relaxing trips.

Palmaria island, Tino island, the harbour of Portovenere and the red cliffs of the coves beyond the Tigullio gulf are easily reachable on a rubber or motor boat. You can also reach the caves only accessible by sea and have a swim in beautiful coves.

The coast around our cruising area offers various natural treasures, all easily accessible by sea.

Our offer includes 40HP motorized rubber boats for whomever wishes to rent one and enjoy the unique landscape of the coast in Liguria.

Daily trips do not have a specific destination, so that the route can be decided at sea, based on the weather condition and on your interests. From our shore, you can sail towards the Tigullio gulf and Portovenere, exploring unique and ever-changing spots: the small harbours of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the typical villages of the Cinque Terre.

You can cook your lunch aboard or take your packet lunch with you.

  Weekend or week aboard

Sepending on the wind, there is a whole range of routes our cruises can follow. You can reach wonderful islands and new spots by sea, experiencing unique emotions: inshore cruising with unique views at the Cinque Terre, Capraia (60 NM), Isola d’Elba (75 NM), Corsica (to Bastia 86 NM; to Saint-Florent about 90 NM).

Upon request, we offer customised trips and services.

The weekend trip usually begins on Friday night (boarding at 6 PM). Depending on the sea and weather conditions, you and the skipper will decide whether to set sail immediately or the next morning.

You will return to port at about 6:30 PM.

One-week boat trip: check-in on Friday at 6 PM and check-out on the following Friday at about 12 PM.


The Cinque Terre and the Tuscan Archipelago offer a vast choice of hiking trails; Capraia to enjoy the wild nature of the Mediterranean region  ( http://www.isoladicapraia.com/it/trekking.html)


Gay-friendly boat trips because we do not take tolerance for granted. We wish to guarantee our clients a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

You can specify your needs whether you rent a private boat, with or without skipper, or you take part in single boarding: we will be happy to provide you with the atmosphere you desire.



  • Boat price: the boat is obviously the main cost. It depends on the period, the type of boat you wish to rent, the destination of the trip etc. but it is a set and clear price! It can vary from a minimum of 50 € a day (e.g. last-minute offers, mid-season four-day week, daily trips, etc.) to a maximum of… well, it depends on the boat you want!
  • Pantry: based on our experience it will not exceed 15 € per day, wine included. Just like a holiday at home! The price includes our aperitif, the soul of life aboard.
  • Fuel: given that we are sailing, 5 € a day should be enough!
  • Port price: it can be free of charge when the night is spent in the roadstead or in coves (mainly in summer and when the weather is supposedly good). In mid/low season (always considering the weather conditions), it can vary from 5 to 10 € per night in port for each person.

As you can see, a weekend can vary from a minimum total of 190 € in low season to a maximum of 300 € in high season, all inclusive.


We should never forget that winds and sea have the final word.



Your Sailing Way

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