24 hours: Full immersion

Type of course: 


Requirements and organization:

  • - A little sailing experience
  • - 24 hours available and the desire to dedicate them to continuous navigation, to the execution of maneuvers, moorings, shifts, offshore and night navigation. Above all, the desire to enter into the necessary spirit of collaboration.
  • - Even number of participants, as the crew will be divided into two shifts. Each shift will have a qualified teacher / instructor. Participants must therefore be a total of 6 or 8
  • - The crew in turn will cover all navigation roles and all safety maneuvers

Meeting on Saturday at the Marina di Fezzano around 2.00 pm (time varies according to the needs of the group).
Navigation will begin with the necessary route planning. We will face all the problems that sailing near a port like La Spezia can entail, with the luminous signals and the possibility of crossing ships.
it will then set sail for offshore sailing.

The return is expected about 24 hours after departure.

 Boarding base: 

Fezzano di Portovenere

 Sailing area: 

Liguria and Gulf di La Spezia


24 hours

 Typer of boat: 

10-15mt sailboats

 The price includes: 

Boat, fuel, insurance, two teacher/instruction, supply of necessary equipment.

 The fee does not include: 

Food and beverage


120 €

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24 hours: Full immersion
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